Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G review: Fab flip phone


I’ve owned only one flip phone in my life—a Samsung E series back in 2005, if memory serves me right. It was a tiny silver clamshell with equally small main and external displays, a 1.3MP camera, and a removable battery. It could send MMS and connect to the ‘net via GPRS. But it served me well, and I actually miss flinging it open with the flick of the wrist.  

So when Samsung announced the first Z Flip in 2020, I was giddy—at least until I learned about the prohibitive P70K+ price. But now that the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is here, with its more reasonable tag price and improved features and build, it looks like I’ve found the foldable that I may actually want to buy. 

The cover screen is not just a gimmick. Aside from showing you notifications, the display also has widgets that allow you to control your music, set your alarms, and so much more. It can even serve as a camera viewfinder so you can take selfies using the main camera when the phone is closed.

Meanwhile, the large main display has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which makes it feel buttery smooth when scrolling, swiping, or browsing the Web. 

As expected from Samsung, the main display is vibrant and bright. There’s a soft crease across the middle, which I found to be a bit bothersome. It’s negligible when you’re on dark mode or are watching videos with dark scenes, but when the screen is white or when light reflects off it, the crease becomes obvious. Other than that, it doesn’t affect the overall experience of using the main display. 

You can multitask on this phone without any hitch thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 888-8GB RAM combo.  Do note that the storage is non-expandable, but for many users, 128 or 256GB is more than enough for their needs. I can’t say the same for the 3,300mAh battery. Especially on a busy day, you’ll need to charge your phone before going to bed.

To see the full review, download the September-October 2021 issue here or read it here.

This story was originally published in Speed Magazine’s September-October 2021 issue.

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