Samsung beefs up its TV lineup

Samsung filled the CES 2020 show floor with its latest lineup of MicroLED, QLED 8K and Lifestyle TV.

The range introduces new display sizes, 8K AI upscaling capabilities, innovative display orientation technology, and more.

MicroLED pioneering the home entertainment market

Traditionally, MicroLEDs are used in digital billboards, sport stadiums, and malls. But Samsung is hoping to bring these types of displays to the home. Samsung’s modular MicroLED combines next-generation screen technology with unprecedented customization capabilities.

The current lineup consists of 75-, 88-, 93-, and 110-inch display sizes. The new 88- and 150-inch models virtually remove all bezels with its ultra-slim infinity design, making the TVs blend right into any wall. Multiple microLED panels can even be connected to create a huge screen wall.

For its picture, the display delivers greater depth, better resolution, and higher clarity as well as a peak brightness of 5,000 nits.

Strengthened 8K QLED lineup

Samsung achieved a bezel-free 8K QLED TV with the flagship Q950TS. Its impressive Infinity Screen comes equipped with an equally premium AI Quantum Processor 8K with features like Adaptive Picture.

The processor also helps power Samsung’s open smart home platform, Tizen, which enables users to connect the TV to other home functions.

Premium sound is courtesy of Q-Symphony, Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), and active Voice Amplifier. Paired with the CTA award-winning HQ-Q800T soundbar, the TV creates a more dynamic soundscape.

Expanding display possibilities

Samsung also rolled out the Sero, a TV with the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations like a smartphone or tablet.

The Sero’s display orientation tech connects seamlessly with users’ mobile devices. This makes it easier to view a variety of content across different social media platforms.

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