Safety tips for riding a motorcycle this rainy season


Public transportation is not allowed during MECQ, which is why many have turned to using motorcycles as their mode of transportation. But with the onset of rains, riders must make sure to keep safety their top priority.

As an advocate of road safety, Honda Philippines shares lists some safety measures that riders must be mindful of when driving in the rain or along a wet road.

Give your bike a thorough inspection

Preparation is different when you’re riding out under than the sun compared to when you’re under the rain. Slippery roads make turning and trickier for motorcycles. Moreover, wet roads decrease the traction of tires making any vehicle prone to skidding. This is called hydroplaning and it happens when a vehicle starts sliding uncontrollably due to the tires encountering more water than the treads can displace.

To avoid this, you should refrain from driving too fast so you can have better control over the vehicles. It also pays to check if it needs proper treading to channel water. Break pads, on the other hand, need to have proper padding to stop when needed.

Check your fluids, too. It may not mean big trouble under dry conditions, but when oil leaks are mixed with water, it becomes a recipe for slippery and dangerous conditions.

Gear up before going out

Before going out, make sure to protect yourself from the rain with waterproof or water-resistant gear. There’s a difference between the two.

Waterproof will not allow penetration unless it’s under a more extreme circumstance like being submerged in water. On the other hand, water-resistant will shed water from the surface but will tend to allow water penetration after a certain period.

Meanwhile, when choosing a helmet, bear in mind that full-faced helmets provide better protection. To rid your gear of fog, wipe the surface with an anti-fogging treatment. Also, try wearing your helmet with an open visor for ventilation.

Another pro-tip: bring plastic or waterproof bags to keep your phones or valuables dry.

Plan your route

If the rain develops into a downpour, it becomes almost impossible to drive in it. When this happens, find a shaded area and wait it out before continuing your trip. Mark some restaurants, rest stops, and alternate locations on your GPS so you can get to those areas easily when needed.

It pays to be slow

Most accidents happen because the rider is driving too fast. Riding in wet conditions requires extra caution, thus, it pays for riders to drive slowly. This allows for better reaction in the event of sudden stops by other vehicles.

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