Rural Bank of Digos takes a step towards digitization

With 12 savings and rural banks shut down last year, the Rural Bank of Digos, Inc. (RBDI) remain competitive through digital transformation.


“We have to innovate because if not, we will become irrelevant and [left behind by our] competitors in the market,” said RBDI President Giovanni Derequito Gabriento. The bank had to streamline its daily operations and processes to make things more convenient for both employees and customers.


RBDI’s 60 years in the business did not stop it from replacing traditional methods for modern ones. Its dedication to innovation allowed RBDI to receive the title as the 3rd Most Outstanding Rural Bank in the Philippines.


“Now that we are in the digital era, we have to accept and embrace technology. Once these two are intact, we become relevant to our clients [and] the territories where we operate,” he added.


Gabriento takes pride in their unique business strategy, where they use technology to offer personalized and customized banking services to each client — whether they are farmers, fishermen, or owners of small to medium enterprises. The bank also prioritizes face-to-face interaction and makes sure to always go the extra mile for customers’ needs.


“It is very important to look into the needs and experience of the customers; after all, Rural Bank of Digos exists because of them. We’re here to provide financial assistance, [and we’re] happy to see them succeed and grow,” he said.


Furthermore, RBDI utilizes business solutions like GCash mobile money service and internet connectivity from Globe myBusiness which allows them to compete with banking giants.


“We want to ensure that the rural banks stay competitive. This means we do our best to empower their workforce to stay connected and productive with the best mobility plans, devices, and solutions that fit their needs,” said Celeste Porto, Marketing Head, Globe myBusiness.


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