Review: Fall Dudes 3D

No Fall Guys on mobile? Fall Dudes 3D is the best rip-off you’ll want to play!


Fall Guys released last month on PS4 and Windows PC to astounding success, selling two million copies on Steam in under a week. Not surprising since it adds an adorable twist to the popular battle royale format.

Its popularity has sparked demand for the game to be ported to mobile. In late August, reports came out that Chinese video-sharing platform Bilibili has secured rights to the game’s mobile port. But while this confirms that the game will eventually come to smartphones, this robs the opportunity for gamers to jump on the bandwagon now.

In the Philippines, mobile gaming still reigns supreme, with consoles and gaming PCs still too expensive for a majority of the population. So why should we miss out on the fun of Fall Guys just because we’re on mobile? 

Fall Dudes 3D gameplay

To answer the demand for a Fall Guys game on mobile, PepUp Studios was quick to rise to the challenge. This mobile game development company based in Dubai, UAE released their very own mobile version called Fall Dudes 3D on August 15. Judging by the name, it definitely looks like they didn’t hold back in making sure they were the first Fall Guys rip-off to offer that opportunity to those who are eager to play the game on mobile.

At first glance, Fall Dudes 3D looks and plays just like Fall Guys. There are several maps that offer challenges, and the goal is to conquer all challenges to become the last man standing. It also follows the Takeshi Castle format, but they have taken the liberty to add more interesting challenges. 

One map lets you race against your opponents to the finish line while you avoid or jump through obstacles, and one map makes you guess which the door will let you through. One map makes you memorize the fruits on the floor or on the wall, so you will have to go to that tile when the buzzer beeps and shows which fruit you’ll have to go through. One map gives you a bomb to carry on your back, and you have to survive the time limit by passing the bomb to another player and then keep it from being given back to you.

The hardest map, in our opinion, is the Roll Out map, where you will have to avoid the rotating barrel while you try to stay in a small circular platform. Honestly, we’ve never won against this round—but we’re still trying!

Still in beta

The devs have been clear that Fall Dudes 3D is still in beta, which is why there’s still a limited number of maps. The game just updated on September 3 to allow for character customization, although that’s still pretty buggy and does not yet offer a ton of options. 

At this stage, you’re still playing with AIs. But according to PepUp Studios, they’re already working on the multiplayer function and should be able to roll it out in one to two months’ time. What’s great about playing in the beta stage is that you’ll be able to practice your reflexes so by the time you’re ready to battle it out with your friends, you’ve got the advantage! 

Playing a game during its beta stage has its ups and downs. For one, expect bugs and glitches. After the recent update, I couldn’t log in to my Google Play accounts and couldn’t receive rewards that can be used to buy outfits.

But being a part of a game’s development is something that some people really enjoy. If you join the Discord chat, you’ll be able to voice out your suggestions and observations to the devs, and you’re privy to first-hand information and plans. 

Speed says

Did I enjoy Fall Guys 3D? I actually did! It’s nice to figure out how to play or win the maps on your first try, and the desire to keep trying to win is strong. It’s still fun to play side-by-side with your friends even though you still can’t play with each other, but I’m very much looking forward to the multiplayer feature soon. For a free-to-play game in beta, it’s really looking good.

Words Jovi Figueroa


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