Rediscover energy with new LeGARDE supplement

McGraw Pharma Inc. introduced LeGARDE, its newest addition to its growing healthcare product portfolio, during its Health and Wellness Expo held last September 6 to 8, 2019. LeGARDE is an L-Carnitine supplement made with Carnipure and Licaps fusion technology.

In addition to the new product, the three-day expo focused on today’s active lifestyle trend and featured four pillars: Sweat, Feed, Extend, and Unwind. For the event, the pharmaceutical company partnered with Spartan Race Philippines, ECHOstore, Diet Diva, FlexFit, and Sun’s Out Fitness.

During the event, guests experienced different activities with energy enthusiasts like Katarina Rodriguez, Ben Wintle, Aubrey Miles, Charles Tiu, and Patty Laurel.

“Multitasking is a thing nowadays. You can be a corporate guy in the morning and a DJ by night. But the motivation to commit in all these things can be as elusive as the energy to do it all. And I can’t think of a better time to jumpstart your journey to better energy optimization than today,” said Jonathan Sibulo, President of McGraw Pharma Inc.

Powering up with LeGARDE

The expo also shed light on L-Carnitine and how it works in your body. “L-Carnitine occurs naturally in your body. It plays an important role in converting stored fat into a source of usable energy. Carnipure is a grade of L-Carnitine that is highly versatile and used in a wide range of different applications, and LeGARDE has it in Licaps fusion technology,” Sibulo added.

In between activities, the new product’s celebrity endorser Nico Bolzico answered queries from guests.

“Being fit doesn’t always have to be a daunting goal to aspire. What people often forget is that a good and balanced energy use is also important. Imagine being able to do whatever you want!” Nico remarked.

Healthcare professionals Dr. Raoul Felipe and Dr. Helen Ong-Garcia were also present for a deep dive L-Carnitine discussion.

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