Protect yourself against SIM swap scams


Globe is reminding its customers to stay vigilant and protect their data to prevent being victims of fraud.   

A modus called SIM swap scam is the last step carried out by scammers in order to take over an individual’s financial accounts— bank account details, trading information, e-wallet, and/or credit cards.  

This modus often involves a victim who’s been long targeted for the scam. The fraudster has invested time to gather bank account details, email addresses, online credentials, personal facts, and identification together with the mobile number registered with the bank for sending a one-time password (OTP). The last leg will be to take over the SIM of the mobile number registered for the OTP sending.  

Here are indications one may have been victimized by a SIM swap scam:

  • sudden loss of mobile signal
  • notifications of so-called log-in attempts or activities are received via email, which the victim did not perform

Here’s what you can do if a SIM swap occurs:

  • Immediately change password/PIN of bank and digital accounts
  • Monitor digital and financial accounts
  • Inform the concerned bank about the incident and report to concerned authorities

Globe Postpaid users may go to the new GlobeOne app under Account Requests or call 211 to request temporary line disconnection. Both postpaid and prepaid customers may go to the nearest Globe Store to recover their mobile number and get a SIM replacement.  

Globe is also implementing stricter measures to prevent unauthorized SIM change.  For replacement of lost SIM, this includes 24-hour SIM reactivation to allow a stronger customer verification. A notarized affidavit of loss is also mandatory.


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