New Power Rangers cinematic universe is heading to Netflix


Prepare for morphin’ time, Power Rangers fans! Hasbro’s entertainment studio, Entertainment One, has revealed that a new Power Rangers cinematic universe is heading to Netflix.

Initially announced in October last year, the new universe will consist of new interconnected movies and television show for the Hasbro-owned megafranchise. It will be headed by Jonathan Entwistle, who is also the showrunner of Netflix’s coming-of-age series I Am Not Okay With This and dark comedy-drama The End of the F***ing World.

Prior to the big reveal, Entwistle was announced to spearhead a 1990s-set feature film for the franchise together with Paramount Pictures.

The news that the Power Rangers-verse has found its permanent home in Netflix was confirmed by Peter Lombardo, Entertainment One’s President of Global Television, in a recent interview with Deadline.

“Since we set up Power Rangers with Jonathan, we pitched really a whole-world approach. It’s not just one show, it is shows followed by films, some kids’ programming. We have found a great writing partner for him, they are off. Knock on wood, Netflix is excited, we’re excited, we hope to have some news soon,” Lombardo said.

As Collider notes, the first film in the new universe will be Entwise’s platform-crossing project, which he is also working on alongside writer Patrick Burleigh (EternalsPeter Rabbit 2: The Runaway).

Power Rangers began as an American children’s TV show titled The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on August 28, 1993, on Fox Kids.

The show was a mash-up of English-dubbed action scenes from the Japanese series Super Sentai, where a team of teenage superheroes fights monsters in their color-coordinated outfits and aboard their bio-mechanical robots called “Zords.”

Since then, Power Rangers has become a pop culture icon, spanning 21 different TV shows and three theatrical films, in addition to a multitude of comic book series, video games, and toys worldwide.


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