Power Mac Center celebrates 25 years in PH

This year marks a huge milestone for Power Mac Center (PMC). Twenty-five years ago, PMC founders banked on the then-emerging tech brand, Apple, by opening its first retail store in the country. Ever since then, the humble Apple retailer pushed to become a catalyst for the digital lifestyle revolution in the Philippines.

In celebration of its silver anniversary, PMC is releasing a video series highlighting its involvement in different aspects of Pinoy culture. Through Generations, local industry icons in the fields of music, cinema, art, and more, share their Apple story. Shot using an iPhone Xs, the series explores how various crafts evolved with technology.

The Generations series

The Philippine music industry is the highlight of the first instalment of the series. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rico Blanco joins IV of Spades’ vocalist and songwriter Zild Benitez to discuss their beginnings and how technology helped them advance their craft.

Benitez, growing up in the age of tech, tells all about how he experimented on music with his laptop. He also admitted that most of his funk band’s songs are still produced from his computer. Meanwhile, Blanco, considered a pioneer in the music industry, talks about the advantages that come with producing music with tech.

“From your computer in your room, you can upload something, where it can result to infinite possibilities. There will be no limitations,” Blanco remarked. “We should take caution in completely relying on technology, however. There’s still nothing that could compare to skill, ideas, and taste.”

Every month until November, new episodes of the Generations series will come out. On the next episode, local cinema is in the spotlight. Seasoned director Laurice Guillen sits down with up-and-coming filmmaker Samantha Lee to talk about defying stereotypes through film.

Stay tuned for the next episodes by following PMC’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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