Poly introduces Savi headsets for offices in the PH

Global communications company Poly introduces a new generation of its popular Savi wireless headsets.

The enterprise-grade Savi 8220 and 8210 headsets are the first DECT headsets with active noise canceling to be launched in the country. It offers different wearing styles along with features to help with working in noisy and disruptive office environments.

The new wireless headsets enable maximum productivity. They can connect to desk phones, PCs, mobile devices, or a combination of devices.

Savi 8220 Offce Stereo Headset and Savi 8210 Office Mono Headset

Increasing productivity

To allow users to maximize their productivity and escape distractions, Poly packed the new Savi 8200 headsets with a host of features perfect for the office setting.

One of the unique features from the series is the close conversation limiting feature. This means everyone on the call will only hear the person talking into the headset. No background noise from neighboring co-workers. In addition, the active noise canceling blocks out other noise.

As wireless headsets, the Savi 8200 family offers mobility for those who need to walk and talk. It offers a wireless range of up to 180 feet (55 meters). If you’re in an unblocked line of sight from the base, that range can extend up to a whopping 590 feet (180 meters).

There’s also a variety of wearing styles to suit different preferences including stereo and mono.

On the security front, the headsets are certified by the DECT Forum, the international association of wireless home and enterprise communication industry. In addition, the Plantronics Manager Pro software-as-a-service (sold separately) allows IT teams to track the products.

Both the Savi 8210 and 8220 are now available in the Philippines.

For more information visit www.poly.com.

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