Polaroid releases world’s smallest analog instant camera

Photo: Polaroid

Polaroid has released a new device, which, as they claim, is the smallest analog instant camera on Earth.

Called the Polaroid Go, the device measures 2.4 inches tall, 4.1 inches long, and 3.3 inches wide. Put that side-by-side with the box of the latest iPhone models, and you’d see it’s just a little over half of the box.

Photo: eu.polaroid.com

The Go is a tiny version of the Polaroid Now and features an updated selfie mirror, self-timer, dynamic flash, double exposure, and travel-friendly accessories. It uses a mini version of the Now’s square-format film.

Photo: eu.polaroid.com
Photo: eu.polaroid.com

It is launching in the U.S. and Europe on April 27 at a price of €119.99 or approximately P7,000, while a roll of film will cost €19.99 or P1,200.

Owning one while you’re in the Philippines is not a far-fetched dream for Pinoy Polaroid fans. You can have this li’l machine shipped to the Philippines through Polaroid Europe’s website. Just note though that a shipping fee worth at least €49.95 (P3,000) will be added to your purchase.


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