Panasonic unveils newest line of home appliances

Panasonic Philippines continues to want to make homes and lives better with the launch of its newest line of home appliances.

At the Panasonic 2019 Home & Lifestyle Collection showcase, the company unveiled three new Japan Quality products: the Panasonic Washer, Panasonic Refrigerator, and Panasonic Air Conditioner. These home appliances carry innovative features and technology that will make house tasks easier.


Live fresh and easy with Panasonic


Designed for the fast-paced lifestyle, the new Panasonic Washer is powered to bring superior wash performance with just one touch. Designed for easing your laundry chores, this washer intensively removes stains with StainMaster+. Also, its Active Foam System lifts dirt off easily plus Econavi will help you save on electricity, water and time. Putting in large laundry like linens and comforters are not a problem, too. Furthermore, the washing machine’s Easy Wide Opening function enables you to load as much laundry as you can. Finally, operating it is simple with the washer’s Rear Control Panel.

Up next, the new Panasonic Refrigerator ensures advanced Japanese technology that will make your kitchen and life better. This refrigerator packs features that give better storing experiences for your food like PrimeFresh Freezing function. Not only does tech keep your food fresh, it also takes away the need for defrosting. Along with this, the 6-door fridge’s Nano-e Technology helps suppress strong food odors to stop them from spreading.

Finally, rounding off the lineup is the new Panasonic Air Conditioner, aiming to improve indoor air quality for healthier and better living. Like the Panasonic Refrigerator, this aircon sports Nano-e Technology to deodorize odors, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. In addition, the Panasonic Air Conditioner has Air Purification System and Inverter System for a cooler, cleaner, and energy-efficient experience.

Panasonic’s 2019 Home & Lifestyle Collection will be available in dealers nationwide. Find out more about the lineup by visiting and


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