OPPO invests $1.43 billion on R&D in 2019


OPPO Founder and CEO Tony Chen announced at the 2018 OPPO Technology Exhibition in Shenzhen the company’s plan on investing $1.43 billion next year on Research and Development (R&D).

The increased R&D will allow OPPO to further develop 5G capabilities on smartphone and AI on different smart devices such as smart watches and smart home technologies to meet the demands of consumers in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“5G is a trend OPPO must embrace. In addition to striving to become the first manufacturer to launch 5G smartphones, OPPO’s exploration of application opportunities in the 5G+ era will ultimately determine the value of 5G,” Chen said. “OPPO will fully integrate 5G with applications and user insights, and continuously innovate to provide users with revolutionary, necessary, convenient and seamless experiences.”

OPPO began R&D on 5G as early as 2015 and has taken the lead in enabling interoperability of 5G signaling and data links in August 2018. Also, in October 2018, the technology company accomplished its first 5G smartphone connection.

Aside from 5G development, OPPO pursues the expansion of AI tech across photography, facial recognition, fingerprint identification, beauty cameras, 3D portrait lighting, and intelligent recognition scenarios.

“In the future, smartphones will become intelligent personal assistants – and this is something OPPO will definitely enable,” Chen continued. “The smartphone is one of the best vessels for AI, but there is still considerable room for improvement. OPPO will actively embrace artificial intelligence while dedicating focus and resources to cutting-edge AI technologies and applications.”

OPPO CEO Chen continues to emphasize the company’s determination to becoming a leader in an era where 5G, AI and IoT are broadly applied.

“We must dare to explore, dare to make breakthroughs and dare to innovate. In the future, OPPO will fully integrate technological innovation with art and humanity, to develop smart devices and smart homes with the smartphone at their core, and an underlying mission of continuing to meet people’s expectations for a better life,” Chen concluded.


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