OPPO introduces next-gen camera, biometrics tech

At OPPO’s 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference, the company unveils its futuristic 10x lossless zoom technology for cameras.  The mobile leader will also showcase this innovation in Barcelona at MWC 2019.

Triple camera seamlessly enables 10x zoom

For this new technology, OPPO developed a triple-camera solution consisting of “Ultra Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto.” All three cameras work together to optimize imaging quality at various zoom ranges to achieve 10x zoom in a relay manner. For image quality consistency at all ranges, the camera phone brand introduced dual OIS optical image stabilization on both standard and telephoto cameras.

In addition to the triple-camera structure, a pioneering “periscope structure” helps achieve 10x lossless zoom. This design makes full use of the phone’s dimensions through lateral arrangement and refraction of the lens set. The space-saving feature ensures that the smartphone’s body is thin and light.

OPPO launches next-generation biometrics

Another announcement OPPO had under its sleeve is the release of a new wide zone optical fingerprint recognition technology. The area the new feature recognizes up to 15 times the current mainstream optical solution giving OPPO phones a wider and more flexible sensor.

The smartphone developer buffs up the sensor with functions such as two-finger simultaneous entry and authentication improving security level 50,000 times compared to a single fingerprint. In addition, the next-generation solution incorporates the “Optical Encryption” feature. With this, all applications in the “Optical Encryption Area” can be activated, authenticated and unlocked with just one click. We can expect to see this tech incorporated in OPPO products this 2019.

Technology breakthroughs in smartphones are crucial to enhancing user experience. As an important enabler of mobile imaging technology, OPPO continues to explore and lead innovation in the field.

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