OPPO shows a future without batteries thanks to zero-power technology


A new white paper published by OPPO shares the company’s vision for a battery-free future for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

In its “Zero-Power Communications” white paper, OPPO details its plans to create a new system that wouldn’t depend on batteries.

Zero-power communication technology avoids the need for batteries by harvesting energy directly from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellphone signals to generate power.

These zero-power devices are battery-free, highly compact, ultra-low cost, and ultra-low power consumption. This in turn reduces waste and pollution associated with current electronic devices.

OPPO has announced that they are working with partners in the industry to make zero-power communications devices. The company wants this to become a core part of next-generation communications technologies.

OPPO has already successfully built its own zero-power system and demonstrated the feasibility of the concept as a viable approach to future communications networks. Additionally, OPPO is taking the lead in promoting the zero-power communication standard, including proposing zero-power communication research projects to 3GPP and presenting its findings during industry conferences such as FuTURE and ICCC.


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