OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition is no Time Turner, but it definitely makes us nostalgic


OnePlus launched its first ever smartwatch earlier this year. Now, the Shenzhen-based company has unveiled a limited edition version specially designed for Potterheads.

The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition naturally includes a number of Harry Potter-themed elements. The stainless steel casing features a copper color finish while the brown vegan leather strap features an embossed Hogwarts crest. Harry’s lightning-shaped scar is also etched on the Watch’s secondary button.

Software tweaks include six themed watch faces, including four based around the Hogwarts school houses. There are also cool Harry Potter-themed icons and animations throughout the UI, as well as a wand-style charging animation.

The wearable arrives in a brick-style box that has hints of Platform 9¾. The “wall” separates to reveal the watch.

The Limited Edition is ostensibly the same under the hood as the vanilla version: 1.39-inch AMOLED display, more than 100 workout-tracking modes, as well as heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.

The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition goes on sale in India from October 21 for Rs 16,990 (or around $226). But what’s stopping Potterheads around the world from saying, “Accio, watch! Add to cart!”?


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