OnePlus’ new phone teases an invisible camera

OnePlus has given the world a glimpse at its upcoming CES 2020 release, the Concept One smartphone. And based on the company’s tweet, the phone will have an “invisible camera” on its rear.

The teaser shows off the phone’s form factor and its sleek design. On the rear, we see a triple camera setup, which is hidden when viewed at certain angles. Moreover, a report from Wired says there will be no camera bumps on the phone.

OnePlus worked with car company McLaren for the smartphone, incorporating color-shifting glass technology to make the camera “invisible.” Previously, the companies have worked on devices like the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition.

OnePlus has yet to spill other details about the Concept One smartphone, but we’ll get to see more of its intriguing camera at CES 2020 happening this week.

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