Hong Kong-based creative studio to launch world’s first official ‘Squid Game’ doll


You’ve seen her in Netflix’s Squid Game and many have spotted her in a mall in Ortigas. Soon, you can take the mega-hit show’s first official Younghee “Red Light, Green Light” doll home. That is, if you have ultra-fast online shopping skills.

Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved has revealed that it is developing the world’s first licensed 1:10 Squid Game “Red Light, Green Light” figure to be released on its trading platform, FWENCLUB.

First spotted by Hypebeast, the figure stand 14-inches in height and is made out of vinyl. It brings the giant animatronic doll to life from its now-viral outfit consisting of an orange dress paired with a yellow collared shirt, up to its lifeless gaze.

The Younghee doll appeared in the first episode of the series, where the players were tasked to play a lethal version of the South Korean childhood game “Red Light, Green Light.” If the doll detects a player moving after she says “red light,” then that player is instantly shot to death.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae, who plays Sae-byeok, explained that the doll was actually derived from Korean school textbooks. She told Jimmy, “When we were at the school, there were characters — one is a boy, and one is [a] girl. The boy’s name was Chulsoo, and the girl’s name was Younghee, and she’s the one.”


Few weeks after Squid Game premiered on September 17, South Korean toy designer TwelveDot released a replica of the doll’s head, which was only given to the show’s cast as a promotional item. AllRightsReserved, on the other hand, will put its upcoming figure on sale for $456 (approximately P23,150) on the FWENCLUB website.

And here’s the catch: only 456 pieces will be made available — referencing Seong Gi-hun’s player number and also the total number of participants in the deadly games.

There’s no word yet on its release date, but FWENCLUB assures fans that the figure is “Coming Soon.”

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