No more pre-installed Facebook apps in future Huawei phones

Huawei takes another big hit as Facebook apps will no longer be pre-installed on upcoming Huawei devices. Since landing in the US blacklist, the tech company has suffered cut ties with multiple American parts and software.


This move from the social media giant means that Huawei phones will no longer come with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, current Huawei smartphone owners have nothing to worry about since they will still be able to use the app and receive updates.


For current Huawei phones that do not have these social apps pre-installed, they can still download the apps from the Play Store. However, due to Google evoking Huawei’s Android license, future phones will no longer have access to the Play Store.


The tech company has declined to comment on the move by Facebook.


Huawei landed in the U.S. entity list in May, urging multiple American companies to stop supplying Huawei with technology. U.S. authorities allege that Huawei devices are used for Chinese spying, however, the Chinese tech company denies these claims.


According to Reuters, some customers in Europe and Asia are reluctant to buy Huawei phones due to uncertainties. Moreover, analysts predict a dramatic drop in the company’s sales on smartphones.


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