NextGen is an all-in-one lifestyle app for booking rooms, online selling, more

This app will offer a platform for music, social media services, hotel bookings, and online selling.

As the local digital landscape continues to change, demand for apps that simplify one’s life has increased. With the ambitious goal of unifying multiple useful apps in the market, FRM Group recently launched NextGen.

NextGen will function like a folder of applications and will have what most apps offer. There, you’ll find music, social media services, hotel bookings, and a buy-and-sell platform.

All these functions will be united through a single account, removing the need to remember multiple passwords for different accounts from various applications.

“We want to simplify the user interface for the public as well as remove the complexity of shifting from one application to another as NextGen can do so with just a swipe,” shared FRM Founder and CEO Falwell Manzano.

Although the app is still in its initial phases, it aims to accomplish at least 300,000 downloads with the same number of users for its first year.

In the future, Manzano and his team plans to further innovate and enhance the app by acquiring partnerships with various institutions like banks and hotels.

NextGen will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play. For updates, follow NextGen on Facebook.

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