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Project Lupon spearheads WESG 2019 broadcast on NiMo TV

After announcing its broadcast partnership with AliSports, NiMo TV has tapped Project Lupon to host the finals of the World Electronics Sports Games 2019.


As the global gaming event in Chongqing, China, comes to a close on March 11, NiMo TV brings out the big guns from the local game casting scene. Project Lupon, a new media entity for gamers, will bring blow-by-blow accounts from the various game tournaments. Headed by its founder Nico “KuyaNic” Nazario, Project Lupon aims to add a dose of excitement to the already exhilarating final event.


DOTA 2 will be hosted by KuyaNic himself, together with Alo, Kyle, Alech and Lai. Meanwhile, TheBigMac, ExcelSor PH, Lia, and Cara Cute will join the HearthStone community. Finally, for CounterStrike, Iliustrado, Sneakyfrog, Nomad, and Asurai will look out for the next global champion.

The all-star broadcasting teams will be providing comments and analysis for the viewers. Not only that, they will also be giving away some in-game items and Steam wallet credits to some lucky livestream audience.


Fight to the finish

With 36 teams coming from around the globe, it’s exciting to know who will partake in the highest prize pool of $5.5 million across multiple titles.


Six teams from the Americas and 11 teams from Europe will be joining the mix. Meanwhile, 13 teams from the Asia Pacific, two teams from Africa, and four invited teams will try to prove their worth and claim supremacy. Alongside the main competition eight all-female teams will also be participating at the final event. The all-female teams are from the Americas and Europe, with two teams each, and the Asia Pacific with four teams.


Tune in today, March 11, starting 11 AM onwards to catch all the action at the WESG 2019. Download the NiMO TV app at the Apple app store and Google Play store.

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