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Pioneer Car

Pioneer introduces new car infotainment systems

Pioneer launched its new infotainment systems for cars that enables drivers to discover smarter driving and explore a new world of connectivity. The new models include the SPHC10BT, which comes equipped with the Pioneer Smart Sync technology, and the G-Series (AVH-G215BT and AVH-G115DVD) media receivers.



The flagship SPHC10BT is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone car receiver that is powered by the Pioneer Smart Sync technology. This technology links your smartphone to Pioneer car audio and entertainment systems so you can safely use the features on your device even while driving.

It comes with a built-in, rotatable Integrated Cradle, where you place your smartphone to transform it into an extension of your car infotainment system. There are also hardware shortcut keys to launch smartphone apps and a segmented LCD information display with a 3-zone RGB illumination, which synchronizes its color with the Pioneer Smart Sync app.

In addition, the SPH-C10BT has Parking Assistance, 31-band graphic EQ, live simulation, Super Todoroki Sound, FLAC support, as well as one-touch access to Voice Recognition, Navigation, and Messages Read-Out. It even features a Bright USB port for quick cahrging of Android phones.



The new G-Series boasts its 7-band graphic EQ and advanced,intuitive user interface.




It offers Freedom with Bluetooth Wireless Technology for hands-free audio playback and calls from your smartphone. Although, wired USB connection and MTP mode are available for other Android phones.


The SPH-C10BT will be available in the Philippines soon. Meanwhile, the AVH-G215BT and AVH-G115DVD will be available on October or November this year.

Words Pat Calica

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