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Nissan showcases Invisible-to-Visible tech at CES

At CES 2019, Nissan showcases its Invisible-to-Visible or I2V future technology, which is said to help drivers “see the invisible” by merging the real and virtual world.

The I2V technology was created through the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s vision for changing how cars are powered, driven, and integrated into society. CES visitors can interact and experience I2V through a 3D immersion at Nissan’s display.

I2V will support drivers by merging information from sensors outside and inside the vehicle with data from the cloud. This enables the system to track the vehicle’s immediate surrounding, anticipate what’s ahead (like what’s behind a building or around the corner, for example), and provide a more enjoyable guidance system through avatars that appear inside the car. It opens up endless possibilities in making driving more convenient, comfortable, and exciting.

“By helping you see the invisible, I2V enhances your confidence and makes driving more enjoyable,” said Tetsuro Ueda, an expert leader at the Nissan Research Center. “The interactive features create an experience that’s tailored to your interests and driving style so that anyone can enjoy using it in their own way.”


I2V infographic showing how the tech aims to connect realities.


Nissan’s Omni-Sensing technology, the innovation that powers I2V, acts as a hub that gathers real-time data from the traffic environment and the vehicle’s surroundings as well as its interior. Along with that, Nissan’s SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility) technology analyzes roads through real-time information while the ProPILOT semiautonomous driver support system gives information on the car’s surroundings. This tech maps a 360-degree virtual space around the car which helps in monitoring people inside the vehicle with interior sensors to anticipate whenever the driver might need assistance.

I2V also connects people inside the vehicle to the Metaverse virtual world. This means 3D, augmented-reality avatars can appear inside the car to provide company or assistance.

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