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Meralco rate drop January 2019

Meralco announces rate drop for January 2019

Meralco brings you good news for the first month of the year. The electricity distribution utility announces a P0.34 per kWh rate drop for January.

This month’s overall electricity rates are down to just P9.84 per kWh, lower than December 2018’s P10.18. As a result, typical households consuming 200 kWh per month can save up to P68 in electricity costs. We have the utility service’s Power Supply Agreements (PSAs) with power generation companies to thank for the rate decrease.

In addition, this month’s episode of Meralco Advisory features the Meralco Mobile app. The app notifies customers of bill updates, shows their monthly bills online, and updates them with the latest services. Also, the mobile app is free for download from the App Store and Google Play.


Save energy with these helpful habits

To further help its customers manage electricity consumption, Meralco reminds its customers to continue energy efficiency practices.

Here are helpful tips that you can practice to control energy consumption:

  • Unplug appliances not in use as they still consume electricity
  • Adjust aircon units at mid-setting for maximum efficiency
  • Use a power board or strip for conveniently turning off appliances
  • Keep appliances well maintained to ensure optimum performance


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