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Get ready to feel like a kid again with the Tamagotchi On

Tamagotchi is back and it’s giving us all the nostalgic feels.

Introducing the Tamagotchi On, Bandai’s new iteration of the toy for a new generation. This new toy looks a lot like the old one. Except, instead of a black-and-white screen, it now has one with color. It still features three buttons for navigating the retro game.

Watch as your very own virtual pet grows in front of your very eyes. Playing with Tamagotchis has always been fun even though they can be demanding at times when they want to be fed, bathed and played with. Witnessing their growth from babyhood to childhood and adulthood was fun and marrying them off to other virtual pets was gave us a sense of fulfillment.

Here’s what you can do on the Tamagotchi On:

This new iteration features the same play pattern but now, you can connect with more. You can now go on trips, schedule playdates, and give gifts to your friends. In addition, an app will be launched to connect you with other Tamagotchis worldwide.

The Tamagotchi’s retro design will really induce nostalgia among 90s kids while offering a new form factor for the younger generation. The egg-shaped gadget is made of plastic and runs on AAA batteries. It also doesn’t need Wi-Fi to work.

This new refurbished Tamagotchi On will be sold at $59.99 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it to feel like a kid again.

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