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GCash tips: Why you should invest this 2019

Seeking an easy, affordable and convenient way to invest this 2019? Well, look no further because Globe’s GCash Invest Money is the solution to your problems. Still on the fence about this? Read on for reasons why you should invest this 2019.


Investing grows your money

While many people think simply setting aside money is enough, investing money is just as good an option. When you invest, you don’t have to actively do anything, you simply let financial markets grow your money’s value.


Investing provides security

Investing serves as an extra layer of protection. Got a medical emergency? Need extra cash for those extra bills to pay? Encountered any unplanned purchases? You won’t have to worry about those anymore because investments can act as an emergency cushion for these expenses. Moreover, you also don’t run the risk of relying on debt just to pay for your necessities.


Investing helps you attain your goals

All of us have goals we’d like to achieve but some of these goals have a financial cost. Whether it’s a home for your family, that dream vacation, your own small business, skill-building classes for kids, or other life improvements, it will cost money. Because of this, you should align your investments with your goals so that they are more within your grasp.


Investing gives you freedom

At the end of the day, investing allows you freedom to do what you want with your life. It takes out your need to worry about negative financial shocks.


Start your investment journey now with GCash Invest Money. You can start investing by opening the GCash App and clicking the Invest Money button to register. Once you’re registered, just enter your chosen amount into your fund of choice. Surprisingly, you can start investing with just P50.

Invest Money is the investment marketplace feature of GCash. The service allows users to invest in various funds from GCash’s partner product providers like ATRAM Trust Corporation.

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit

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