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Facebook takes stand against anti-vaccine posts

With many parts of the world still suffering from measles outbreaks, Facebook recently announced a crack down on anti-vaccine content. Post promoting reluctance to vaccination will no longer be be allowed to appear through ads or recommendations. Expect to see fewer posts on the issue in your Facebook timeline.


However, do not expect posts on the controversy to be eradicated completely (freedom of speech, y’all!). But the social media site is looking for ways to provide true and correct information on vaccines from expert organizations.


Multiple sites have already received letters about the spread of misinformation on their platforms. Prominently, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon were questioned on how they plan to stop anti-vaccine posts.


To answer this demand, Facebook Vice President for Global Policy Management Monika Bickert wrote a blog post. There, she says that the company will reject ads that contain content on the said issue. Furthermore, the social media site will also remove the category “vaccine controversies” from its ad tools.


In addition to Facebook, other sites have taken its stand in reducing anti-vaccine posts. For instance, Facebook-owned Instagram has removed anti-vaccine information posts from its explore page. Similarly, Pinterest has taken down posts about vaccine entirely–even accurate ones.


Although censorship about the subject might seem difficult for big platforms like Facebook, this announcement from the social media giant is a big step towards the acknowledgment of the anti-vaccine issue.

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