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Facebook Messenger now lets you unsend messages

Have you ever sent a message to someone on Facebook Messenger and then a minute later, regrets come flooding in? Well, you won’t have to worry about that awkward reply because Messenger has come out with a feature that lets you remove sent messages from a conversation.


Initially rolled out in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania last November 2018, the feature has recently expanded to other countries, including the Philippines.

Ooops! I wasn’t supposed to send that. 😛

How to unsend messages on Facebook Messenger

To use the unsend feature, simply tap and hold on the message you want to delete within 10 minutes of sending it. If the message has been sent over 10 minutes ago, you will no longer be able to unsend it.


If you’re on Android, you will see three options appear at the bottom of your screen: Copy, Forward, or Remove. Click Remove.


Two options will appear: Remove for Everyone or Remove for You. Select Remove for Everyone to unsend your message. The Facebook messaging app will replace your regretted message with text that says the message has been removed from the chat.


The person you’re chatting with will no longer be able to read the deleted message after unsending it. However, they will see a message that says “You removed a message.”

Now you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong message or sending a message to the wrong person!


The new unsend feature works on group chats as well. It is now available on the latest version of Messenger for iOS and Android.

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