New video of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has us jealous

On the other side of the world (not the galaxy) far, far away, footage of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has landed.


Fans of the movie franchise and of Disney’s well-loved theme parks have been buzzing about this news since 2015. And now, after three years of waiting since construction began in 2016, we are only months away from being able to experience it.


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening in two Disney theme park locations. First will be at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on May 31, and at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on August 29.


Here’s a video of the said attraction:

Just from watching the clip, it looks like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will take fans to another world. What then can we expect from it? Only the ultimate Star Wars experience, of course!


Here are some of the things to expect inside the attraction:

  • The ruins and outposts of planet Batuu
  • A ride in Han Solo‘s beloved Millenium Falcon
  • Fighting with the Resistance against the First Order
  • Chilling in the locals in Oga’s Cantina
  • Accepting missions and jobs through the Play Disney Parks app
  • Chatting with droids and aliens
  • Sampling galactic grub
  • Scouting for artifacts in the Outpost’s marketplace


Star Wars fans have this to look forward to this summer until the next movie installment comes out. Experiencing Galaxy’s Edge will definitely be part of our bucket list. Time to save up and get that passport and visa ready!


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