New token-driven gaming marketplace Gameworks hits PH

If you’ve got a love for games, check out Gameworks. In a nutshell, it’s a platform for game developers, publishers, and merchants to generate revenue from their games.

The platform provides players three key applications: Game Central, Mobile Wallet, and Token Depot. However, it’s more than just a marketplace for games, the token-driven platform aims to unite the gaming community.

Access titles from Game Central

Coming this June 2019, Gameworks Game Central is a marketplace where a wide variety of games can be published, promoted, and run. All with Gameworks Tokens (GWX), publishers and developers can release their games easily and instantly. It’s quite similar to how Steam, Garena, and Blizzard’s works.

A gamer’s new wallet

First things first, to interact with the community, players and publishers need the mobile app. With the app, you can send, receive, and transact with GWX tokens. Moreover, the wallet carries your user profile which will be used with all Game Central games.

Token Depot and the GWX Token

Powering every game, the GWX Token allows publishers to monetize their games, giving them liberty and flexibility to build their own businesses. These tokens are available at the Gameworks Token Depot, a portal for token purchases.

What this new platform offers are solutions to key pain points experienced by gamers and publishers alike such as fair play, security, and transparency. But thanks to the emergence of Blockchain technology, Gameworks can keep track, audit, and safely keep all of the transactions under the platform.

The Gameworks Wallet app is currently available through the Google Play Store, with an ongoing airdrop (Free tokens) for the first 10,000 wallet registrations. The iOS version of the wallet will be released soon.

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