National Planetarium is bidding goodbye to its home in Rizal Park after 46 years

Photo: National Museum of the Philippines

The National Planetarium is temporarily shutting its doors for the decommissioning of its 46-year-old building in Rizal Park, Manila, the National Museum announced on Monday, October 11.

The move will usher in the plans of the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) in the central and western sections of Rizal Park, as well as the development of the National Museum Complex.

“There are times in the life of a beloved institution where a long chapter has to be brought to a close in order to start a new one, for a new contemporary world and a new set of generations of Filipinos,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

“Thus it is, with a measure of sadness, fondness and nostalgia – but also with anticipation and excitement for its future, that we announce the temporary closure of the National Planetarium as an institution and the decommissioning of its 46-year-old premises in the central section of Rizal Park, Manila,” the statement read.

The National Planetarium was inaugurated on October 8, 1975, and has since been known for its full-dome digital shows and exhibits about the cosmos.

It underwent a few renovations over the past years, including the latest one in November 2018. It reopened to the public with its latest refurbishment on January 15, 2019.

While the organization has yet to announce its plans for the theater, it assured museum-goers that the construction of a new “world-class” planetarium to replace the old facility is in the pipeline.

“We are sad to retire the old building, which has in its own way been a landmark in Manila and a pillar of the National Museum of the Philippines as a whole, but we are excited and motivated to work to deliver a new facility that will breathe new life into the National Planetarium as a beloved institution,” said the National Museum.


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