Moneymax celebrates 5th anniversary


Car insurance platform Moneymax is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a brand new website look and an all-new logo design.

For years now, Moneymax has been providing its users a hassle-free way to compare car insurances. On its 5th anniversary, the car insurance platform gives its website and logo a refreshed look. With the new design comes a more user-friendly and seamless tool to help Filipinos be smart with their money. The update include more transparent and convenient ways of finding the best insurance deals for their cars.

Spot the best deals

Money max helps you get better car insurance packages in 3 ways:

  1. You can save as much as 14.5% on your annual premium versus other companies if you get your insurance package through the platform.
  2. You get faster and better customer service. Moneymax has a 15-minute average response time on Facebook Messenger. It also has 100% e-policies issued within 2 to 3 business days.
  3. Claims experience is hassle-free. You get to receive your LOA quick with Moneymax’s free and fully digital claims assistance tools. Plus, they have a 24-hour response time for all claims requests.

The site also provides well-researched, and unbiased financial advice through informative articles, Facebook Live sessions, and more.

In addition, car insurance platform supports this upgrade with better customer service support. The platform has sales personnel dedicated in making the selection process easy; they educate consumers on how to navigate their choices. The goal of Moneymax: to help consumers end up getting the best insurance price for their vehicles.


Moneymax’s 5th anniversary celebration at the Yes Please bar in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig was also graced by motoring journalist James Deakin. Deakin swears by the convenience and the power to choose the best insurance offered in the platform.

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