Netflix unveils first trailer of Money Heist final season


The wait is almost over for Money Heist fans. Netflix has finally dropped the first trailer of La Casa de Papel Part 5 on Monday, August 2.

The two-minute teaser starts with Tokyo agonizing over how their one hundred-hour confinement in the Bank of Spain felt like 100 years for The Gang. It also shows a glimpse of the action and mayhem that takes place as The Professor reveals the stormwater tank has been discovered, while Colonel Tamayo gets ready for the army to enter the bank.

It is one of the most uncertain moments for The Gang. They are against the ropes and it seems like this will truly be their ending. But will they gather enough strength to fight against the odds for one last time? After all, they are The Resistance.

Money Heist will air its last season in two installments of five episodes each. Part Five Volume 1 will premiere worldwide on September 3, while Volume 2 will land three months later on December 3.

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