Mitsubishi Strada 4×2 GLS review: Tough pickup with SUV manners

Mitsubishi Strada 4x2 GLS

The new Strada, whether 4×2 or 4×4, is now tougher looking, thanks to the “Dynamic Shield” fascia now adorning all Mitsubishi vehicles. It now looks like a real truck than the previous softer-edged design. It’s a massive improvement and offers more appeal to enthusiasts.

The familiar body profile is still there, albeit with some improved design cues, such as bulging fender flares with semi-square wheel openings, sleeker step boards, and reshaped bumpers. Also, the taillights are bigger now for increased illumination.

The torquey 2.4L diesel engine power belies its seemingly small displacement. Power is available on demand, pushing the heavy pickup quite impressively. Acceleration from 0 to 100kph is comparable to that of a bigger engine sedan. Mash the pedal and feel the turbo kicking in at 3000rpm. Driving with heavy load is a cinch, without much difference in power.

The six-speed automatic transmission is very versatile—low first gear for heavy load/acceleration and sixth gear for highway speeds. The paddle shifter is standard on the GLS; it’s not essential but a welcome feature just the same.

The Mitsubishi Strada sits higher, even in just the 4×2 variant. This gives the driver a commanding view of the road. It also has an impressive wading depth capacity.

The big tire combination is a great improvement, both aesthetically and practicality. The GLS has 18-inch tires, while the base model sport 17-inchers.


Mitsubishi Strada interior

  • The cloth fabric upholstery, with leatherette trimmings on the door and panels, is easy to maintain. The analog gauges are easy to read, and the automatic dual AC system is a welcome treat.
  • Rear passengers have their own pair of gadget chargers located at the rear of the front console.
  • The very readable entertainment system consists of must-have features, including MP3, AUX-In, USB Port, and iPod, but still has the old CD option.
  • The bed size is generous. The plastic bed liner makes it easy to load/unload heavy stuff, just push and slide it in. It’s easier to clean too.

Mitsubishi Strada 4×2 GLS specs

  • ENGINE: 2.4L MIVEC 4N15 VGT turbocharged, 16-valve inline-4 Diesel
  • TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed automatic
  • POWER: 178hp @ 3,500rpm
  • TORQUE: 430Nm @ 2,500rpm
  • BRAKES: Ventilated disc front, disc rear
  • SUSPENSION: double wishbone front with stabilizer bar, rigid elliptical lead springs rear with telescopic shock absorbers
  • TIRES: 265/60 R18
  • SAFETY: driver and front passenger airbags, EBD, start/stop push button, ABS, immobilizer, traction and stability control, speed-sensing door locks, ISOFIX
  • DIMENSIONS: 5,300 x 1,815 x 1,795mm, 2,870kg
  • PRICE: P1,325,000

Speed says

The Mitsubishi Strada 4×2 GLS is a hardworking pick up with SUV manners. Its new fascia design looks every bit of a heavy-duty truck—handsome but tough. With its unquestionable performance and improved appearance, the Strada offers customers the best of both worlds: good looks and reliability.

Words Earl Manalansan
First published in Speed December 2019 issue

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