Missing the office? Here’s a site that recreates cubicle ambience

Lockdowns around the world have forced millions of people to work from home. But, admit it, a home office isn’t quite the same as a regular office, no?

Now, if the pandemic has you missing your office (and bosses and colleagues, maybe?), then check out imisstheoffice.eu, an ingenious site by Berlin-based Kids Creative Agency. The agency describes the site as an “office-noise generator” designed to provide you with “the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.”

When you go the site, hit the play button in the bottom-left corner to hear the sounds that are common at most offices. There’s the indecipherable chatter of officemates, tippity-tap of a keyboard, phones ringing, a person whistling, approaching footsteps, and even a fan blowing somewhere. In the bottom-right corner of the page, you can even choose the number of co-workers that you want to have in your virtual office.

The site has an office layout that you can click around to activate certain sounds. When you click the printer, you’ll hear the familiar sound of the machine whirring. Click the water cooler and you’ll hear the sound of water filling up a cup.

More options

If you like to have other background noise aside from your office ambience, here are other free sites that you may want to check out:

  • Noises.Online – features sounds—such as calm shore, raindrops, coffee house, that are original recordings (not stock sounds)
  • Coffitivity – coffeehouse loops to give you a feel of working in a café
  • Hufflepuff Common Room – This is one of the many ambient sounds you can find in Ambient Mixer, a site with thousands of customizable soundscapes



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