Mercedes-Benz made a futuristic Avatar-inspired car

Vision AVTR

CES season is the time for companies to show off their groundbreaking tech and concepts. Mercedes-Benz’s high-tech showstopper for this year? The Vision AVTR.

Inspired by the 2009 blockbuster Avatar, the concept car looks like it traveled from the far future to give a taste of what’s to come.

Vision AVTR

The Vision AVTR comes shaped like a futuristic bar of soap, which has spherical wheels that light up. The wheels, inspired by seeds of the Tree of Souls from the movie, also move sideways and diagonally.

The wild design doesn’t stop there; the car has scales on the rear. These “bionic flaps” move in 33 different directions. According to the manufacturer, their function is to communicate with the driver and people outside the car through “naturally flowing movements in subtle gestures.”

Fun fact: Mercedes-Benz consulted with Avatar director James Cameron in conceptualizing the car.

Inside, a steering wheel is notably absent and a huge triangle-shaped display on the dash is found. To control the vehicle, a console emerges when you sit in the car. Once you place your hand on it, the controller vibrates along to your breathing and heart rate. Also, when you lift your hand, a menu screen is projected on your palm. Mercedes-Benz says this instrument establishes a biometric connection between the driver and the vehicle.

With sustainability in mind, the concept car is powered by graphene-based organic battery cells and its interior is made from recycled plastics and vegan leather.

However, we won’t be seeing the Vision AVTR on the road any time soon. Currently, it’s a wild concept car that hints at what the future of Mercedes-Benz vehicles could look like.

Learn more about the concept car here.

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