Meet the futuristic button- and port-less Vivo APEX 2019


To show us what the future of smartphone design and technology will look like, Vivo Philippines has brought its first-ever 5G smartphone, the APEX 2019, to the Philippines.

This concept device sports what Vivo calls a Super Unibody Design. It doesn’t have any physical buttons, and instead has Touch Sense technology, which uses a combination of capacitive touch and pressure sensing to translate touch inputs along the sides of the frame to corresponding actions.

Meanwhile, charging  the phone is done not through a USB port but via a magnetic power connector called MagPort. There’s no speaker grille as well, as Vivo equipped the phone with Body SoundCasting technology, which transforms the entire display into a speaker via screen vibration.

The 5G smartphone runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform with a super-large 12GB RAM + 256GB memory. It also comes with full-display fingerprint scanning technology, which lets you unlock the phone by touching anywhere on the screen.

As this is a prototype, the APEX 2019 won’t be sold to consumers. It’s only a physical representation of where the industry could be headed and a sneak peek of what future mobile phones could look like. We can expect, though, that the technologies in the APEX 2019 will trickle down to upcoming Vivo phones.


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