Medgate believes telemedicine will continue its growth post-pandemic


Medgate Philippines believes that the demand for telemedicine will persist even after the pandemic as more people realize its convenience.

Speaking at a recent press briefing, Medgate Philippines President Stavros Athanasiou said, “The past year and a half has challenged our healthcare systems in unimaginable ways, while also changing the way many Filipino patients get treated.”

“Throughout all that, telehealth services have proven to be a prime complement to traditional healthcare, acting as another avenue for treatment. Medgate is committed to providing those services to even more Filipinos as we continue to navigate the current health crisis,” he said.

Last year, the telemedicine provider saw a 170% jump in the usage of their services, leading to a total patient base of 1.5 million. In these consultations, Medgate employs a medical co-management approach where doctors with multiple specializations consult with a single case. This means that an Internist may also treat a Pediatric case to get a better background of and solution for a patient’s condition, contributing to high treatment rate for the provider.

This success is just the first step, as the company sees demand for its innovation increasing even more in the near future. Medgate will continue to innovate and grow its telemedicine core business as new technologies emerge. The advent of 5G broadband should make for an immersive high resolution video experience further enhancing the experience of patients. Advances in wearables, especially those with the ability to capture body temperature, blood pressure, and even blood sugar will usher in a new wave of customers.

Medgate Philippines also has ongoing tie-ups with some of the country’s leading HMO and health insurance companies including Intellicare and Generali. Through these partnerships, members can conveniently consult with a doctor on the Medgate platform 24/7, even having the option to have their prescribed medicines delivered.

Medgate’s telemedicine services are not limited to online or video calls; anyone with a phone can call on Medgate and hold a consultation. According to Medgate, they will be launching a chatbot later this year.

To know more about Medgate, visit their website. You may avail of the Medgate Unliconsultation Plan for only P999 a year (VAT exclusive), which is inclusive of teleconsultation, care plan, e-prescription, medicine delivery, and medical certificate.


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