Which tire should you pick for your SUV?


SUVs equate to practicality, versatility, and fun. But a sport utility vehicle is only as good as its tires. It is, after all, where the rubber literally meets the road. But what kind of tire should you pick for your SUV?

Choosing the right tire for an SUV requires careful thought and an understanding of how and where the SUV will see action.

Let’s take a look at these three tires from Maxxis Tires Philippines’ SUV/4×4 Bravo Series:

Bravo HP-M3

This is an ideal on-road tire thanks to its continuous center rib design with slanted sipes that provides stability even when driving on wet roads. Its wide circumferential grooves channel and expel water, so the risk of hydroplaning is minimized. The Bravo HP-M3 is a premium all-season touring tire that’s surprisingly quiet for all that muscled grip.

Bravo AT-771

The Bravo AT-771’s tread is noticeably more aggressive than the Bravo HP-M3’s. But the off-road-readiness of this tire doesn’t sacrifice its on-road viability. Hydroplaning resistance and wet traction qualities are still achieved through its tread design. This tire is ideal for those who love to take their SUV everywhere—in the city streets on weekdays and on the trails on weekends.

Bravo AT-980

Want to have a blast on the trail? The Bravo AT-980 is the tire for you. It shrugs off damage with its deep tread blocks, and grips and holds on to the terrain because of its aggressive zig-zag pattern. This pattern also conveniently self-cleans and provides outstanding braking and on-road performance, regardless whether it’s dry and sunny outside or wet and muddy.

It also performs well on the road thanks to the square tread that maximizes contact patch and makes handling responsive. Plus, the AT-980 features a robust nylon cap ply and durable sidewall, giving it puncture resistance and more bruising protection.


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