Maxxis SUV, 4×4 tires promise stability, performance, safety


Maxxis Philippines has launched 10 of its top-of-the-line mud- and all-terrain SUV and 4×4 tires that combine outstanding balance between on-road and off-road performance. These tires feature various tread patterns that provide superior maximum traction in any road condition.

Two of these tires are the Maxxis RAZR MT772 and RAZR AT811. 

The Maxxis RAZR MT772 features a tread compound that resists cutting, tearing, and chunking. It has a three-ply sidewall that improves handling and durability as well as two-step tread block design that increases traction performance in mud terrain.

Its staggered saw-tooth sidewall design improves off-road traction when the tire is submerged in mud, while the stair-shape shoulder block design increases off-road traction. The RAZR MT772 also has stone and mud ejectors that improve self-cleaning performance and minimize stone retention. 

Meanwhile, the Maxxis RAZR AT811 features a blade-shaped tread block design that ensures excellent off-road traction and water drainage in wet weather conditions. Its aggressive “side biter” lugs assist in providing optimal traction in muddy conditions and protect the sidewall from cuts and punctures, while its unique shoulder lug design assists with traction in heavy off-road conditions.

The RAZR AT811 also has “saw edge” shoulder blocks that enhance traction, a unique stone-ejecting shoulder groove, and dual-layer high tension cap ply.

Its high-strength polyester carcass construction improves cornering ability and ensures optimal puncture resistance, while its high elasticity lower sidewall filler compound results in excellent ride comfort, especially on unpaved roads. The three-ply sidewall construction provides further puncture resistance.

Other tires in the collection include the Maxxis Bravo AT-700, Trepador M8060, Trepador M9060, MT 8090, Bravo HP-M3, Bighorn MT-764, Bravo AT 980, and Bravo AT 771. 

For more information about these SUV and 4×4 mud and all-terrain tires, visit the Maxxis Facebook page or their website.


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