How to maximize your 13th month pay with ShopeePay


Your 13th month pay is just around the corner—if you haven’t received it already—and as much as you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and check out everything in your cart, it’s best to be wise about spending your hard-earned money.

Here are three tips on how you can make the most out of your year-end bonus with Shopee’s integrated mobile wallet, ShopeePay.

Be on the lookout for the best deals for big savings 

Filipinos start the holiday shopping season as soon as the -ber months hit. If you’re thinking of saving up for holiday gifts to your friends and family and you’re on a budget, check out ShopeePay’s P1 Deals.

Get your aunt a Christmas basket from Puregold or your nephew delicious treats from Potato Corner, BonChon, Candy Corner, and Goldilocks. If you want something useful or educational, National Bookstore has some great finds, too.

Want to give load to a student doing online schooling or reconnect with friends and loved ones via video phone calls? Load up using ShopeePay and get up to 10% off on load and promos from all networks. 

Pay your bills ahead of time—and get cashback, too 

With the busy holiday season up ahead, being able to save time doing errands is a big help. With ShopeePay, you can conveniently pay for all your monthly bills with just a few taps on your phone. Not only that, you can even get up to 25% bills cashback when you pay your bills for Meralco, Maynilad, Globe, Smart, PLDT, BPI, and over 60+ ShopeePay partner billers. 

Cash in for more cashless transactions

ShopeePay makes it easier to go cashless when checking off your Christmas to-do list, as you can now cash in your ShopeePay wallet for free via InstaPay (via RCBC, Metrobank, BPI, Chinabank, Unionbank, and more). Even better, until December 5, 2021, you can skip the added fees when you get up to P25 cashback on your InstaPay fee.


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