Marvel is introducing another Filipina superhero

After Wave, Marvel is set to introduce another Filipina superhero.

We can feel the Filipino pride swell! Marvel recently announced that they’re adding another Filipina hero to its roster. The new Pinay hero will make her debut in AERO #3, which will come out in September. We can’t wait for her to team up with Pearl Pangan a.k.a. Wave.



In addition to the new hero, creator Pak is also welcoming on board half-Filipina writer Alyssa Wong to work on Wave’s backstory.

“I never got to see Filipino characters when I was growing up, so it’s so, so cool to write Wave now!” Wong shared in an interview with Marvel Entertainment. “She’s strong because of her water manipulation powers, but she also draws strength from her community and her lolo. And that feels emotionally true, to me, for a Filipino Super Hero.”

Here’s a sneak peek at Wave’s backstory from the second issue of AERO.


The new heroine’s name and powers are still unknown. So there are two things in total to be excited for in AERO #3: Wave’s past and the new Filipina superhero. Any guesses what her powers will be? Do you think it’ll be water-related like Wave’s? Or maybe she’ll have control over another element?


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