#MarchOn: Sharpen your creativity and IT skills at Yondu, Inc.


Speed helps you take the next big step in your career and life in this special graduation series.

Now that you’ve earned your diploma after years of studying IT, it’s time to get ahead of the game! And the best way to do it is to dip your toes and experience for yourself the constantly changing digital landscape.

We know the corporate world can be intimidating for a fresh graduate like you. Finding a company that will welcome you, help you enrich your skills, and give you opportunity to grow professionally is the best way to be on solid ground as you pave your career path. IT firm Yondu, Inc. can help hone your talents as an IT professional through its holistic working environment and facilities.

Check out these five reasons why you should consider being a Yondude or a Yondudette:

  1. It’s under the biggest names in IT

Yondu, Inc. is a subsidiary of Xurpas, Inc., the largest consumer technology company in Southeast Asia, and Globe Telecom, Inc., one of the major telecommunications providers in the Philippines.

Backed by these top tech companies, Yondu is equipped with up-to-date tools to help clients transform their big ideas into realities using the most efficient strategies, whether it’s Web, mobile, software development or systems integrations.

  1. It’s a continuous learning process

With the fast-changing technological landscape in the country and the world, Yondu brings you to the frontline of the latest trends and developments through continuous learning, be it via field experience or engagement activities.

Yondu also offers Yondu University, an initiative from the company that provides trainings to employees and other IT professionals who want to expand their capabilities and increase their level of competency.

  1. It has an extensive portfolio of partners

Yondu’s extensive portfolio of partner brands and companies covers a wide range of fields, including technology, retails, and real estate. Among the company’s growing list of clientele are Aboitiz, Jollibee, Home Credit, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine National Police, and Tanduay.

  1. Its office is a tech hub of creativity and fun

A glimpse at Yondu’s facilities gives you an idea of how it is able to yield efficiency among its employees through a dynamic work environment.

Yondu’s Instagram-worthy walls and colorful rooms are made for hard-working but fun-loving millennials like you. It also features common spaces and bigger rooms to allow collaboration among employees and nurture the innovative culture of the company.

  1. It’s a recognized name in the IT field

Since it started in 2001, Yondu has been consistently recognized by various local and international organizations.

In 2010, when Yondu was still Entertainment Gateway Group Corp. (EGG), it got positive EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) with 29% growth. In 2011, EGG became Globe’s Partner of the Year. The company got its first international recognition in 2012, winning the Red Herring Award.

The most recent recognition that Yondu got was in May of 2016 when Forbes Philippines named Yondu as one the country’s top three tech startups, along with Zalora and Lazada.


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