Come and bear witness to Magic: The Gathering’s Crimson Vow Innistrad expansion


You are cordially invited to the wedding of the century! Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are bringing you back once again to Innistrad for the union of two powerful vampire bloodlines in Magic: The Gathering’s Crimson Vow, the second set from the latest Innistrad expansion.

The story so far

The Midnight Hunt is over and Innistrad is now plagued by eternal night. With the vampires coming out victorious, the final nail in the coffin for Innistrad is the unification of the two powerful vampire houses—House Markov and House Voldaren—in unholy matrimony to complete the takeover. However, an unwanted guest and a last stand by Innistrad’s remaining survivors may put a damper on this otherworldly affair.

A closer look at the Crimson Vow

While Innistrad: Midnight Hunt put the spotlight on werewolves, in Innistrad: Crimson Vow, vampires have moved up the pecking order to become the set’s main attraction. From the new mechanics to the latest Showcase card designs, almost everything carries a vampire theme or two.

Blood Tokens

Blood tokens are the latest line of tokens based on Crimson Vow’s vampiric storyline. These tokens are colorless artifacts that allow you to draw a card by paying one colorless mana and then discarding a card from your hand. Blood tokens are created by meeting a specific condition found in spells.


The new Training mechanic gives creatures with this ability a +1/+1 counter when they attack alongside another creature of greater power. The counter given to creatures with Training is permanent so it stays with them on your next turn. That is, of course, if they survive to see the next turn.


Present in sorcery and instant spells, Cleave opens up a new world of possibilities by letting you pay a specific “cleave” cost which will omit certain text enclosed in square brackets. This makes a spell more powerful, giving it an added punch that will, hopefully, knock your opponent out for good.


The Exploit mechanic lets you trigger a card’s secondary ability by sacrificing one creature. This can be activated once the creature with Exploit enters the battlefield. The abilities could be anything, from forcing your opponents to sacrifice one of their creatures to countering their spell. Cards with Exploit can still be played without using the mechanic just by paying for its standard mana cost.

Dracula Series Cards

What would a set about vampires be without its most popular iteration, Dracula? While he isn’t part of the actual storyline, the new expansion pays tribute to this iconic character by creating 18 cards that feature Dracula artwork, along with other characters based on the Bram Stoker novel. These cards are exclusive to Box Topper boosters, Collector Booster packs, and as a Buy-a-Box promotional card.

Showcase Fang Cards

Crimson Vow lives up to its vampire theme with its new Showcase Fang design. Featuring an ornate frame adorned with fangs, the design replaces the standard Magic: The Gathering card border. The Showcase Fang cards also have a different artwork from their basic counterparts.

Take a bite out of the latest Crimson Vow products

Just like with the Midnight Hunt expansion, Crimson Vow offers Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, and Bundles.

The Crimson Vow Set Booster contains a total of 30 packs (with 12 cards in each pack, plus one foil card and an art card in each pack). Cards from The List — another Magic: The Gathering set — can be found in random packs as well. Every Set Booster also comes with an exclusive Dracula Box Topper, containing one of the Dracula Series cards, showcasing characters from Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel.

Looking to stake your claim on the new Innistrad: Crimson Vow products? They’re now available in gaming stores near you.

Words and photos Aleq Yerro

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