Logitech Rally system to make office spaces more inviting

Aimed at making meeting spaces more inviting to employees, the new Logitech Rally system may just be the next essential set for the office.


The Logitech Rally system is comprised of Ultra-HD 4K video, modular audio components, and expansive PTZ capabilities. Its prime offering is the Rally Camera, which features 4K optics and intelligent features to capture every seat in a room. The Rally System was first launched in the country on Thursday, June 6; Jarmine Borja, Logitech country manager for the Philippines, was present to unveil the new system.


Jarmine Borja, country manager, Logitech


Unlike traditional video conferencing systems, the Rally separates the speakers from the microphones. By mounting speakers near the display, the audio is aligned better with the video, and voice of far-end participants come from the front of the room.


Furthermore, the system’s standalone microphones suppress noise and echoes. Front-of-room speakers provide an improved quality compared to that of tabletop speakerphones. In addition, innovative cable management allows custom deployments by AV professionals.


The Logitech Rally is compatible with most video conferencing services such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans and more.


Those interested may purchase the Logitech Rally through the Logitech Video Collaboration reseller network. The Logitech Rally System, which includes Rally Camera, table and display hubs, one speaker, and one mic pod is available at a suggested retail price of P157,990. The standalone Logitech Rally Camera is available for a suggested retail price of P83,490.


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