Logitech G733 review: Comfort and freedom to play for hours


When it comes to headsets, different people have different priorities and needs. But when it comes to gaming headsets, where you’re expecting to play for hours on end on a lazy, hot Sunday, one of the—if not the—most important features is comfort. And if you’re exactly the type of person who’s looking forward to a much-deserved 10-hour raid or campaign after a long stressful week, the Logitech G733 RGB wireless gaming set is heaven-sent. 

Design and build

One of the biggest challenges when switching to wireless headsets is the battery life. Don’t you hate getting interrupted by “Battery low, please charge” prompts mid-game? With the Logitech G733, you’re definitely not going to run out of juice with its spectacular 25+ hours of battery life. No more tangled wires, no more limited movements, and minimal charging required. 

And when it comes to comfort, the G733 definitely nails it. One of my biggest pet peeves with premium headsets is how heavy they can be. But the G733 does not sacrifice the premium feel despite its ultra lightweight design. It doesn’t feel too light that it feels cheap, and there’s beauty in the creative blend of matte and shiny textures that complement the metallic “G” logo and the textured fabric suspension. 

True to its motto, “Keep Playing,” the Logitech G733 definitely is a comfort monster. I was able to use it for four hours straight with no ear, neck, or head discomfort. The earpad is also super breathable, making no fuss even on the hottest days. 

Surround sound and detachable mic

I actually love the fact that the G733 can deliver good audio despite the fact that it’s not noise-canceling. We tested the G733 playing Genshin Impact during the Unreconciled Stars event where you had to rely on the sound prompt to know if you’re approaching a meteor shard that you need to collect, and it delivered extremely well. 

The design of the detachable mic is also very sleek, making it super easy to switch from solo campaign to co-op. 


If you’re the type of person who has RGB everything, this gaming headset will sit perfectly on your setup. The RGB lights on the headset are fully customizable with the Logitech G Hub, while the headset strap itself can be flipped for various looks. 

Only the black and white variants are available locally, but we’re hoping Logitech Philippines will bring in the colored ones in the next months. 

Speed says

While we’ve sang praises for the Logitech G733, one of our biggest disappointments is that the headset is not Bluetooth-compatible, and needs to be connected to your PC with a rather bulky Type-A receiver. This is rather confusing since Logitech already has a unifying receiver, which, in theory, should be able to connect up to six Logitech devices to your PC. But sadly, G products like the Logitech G733 could not connect to this unifying receiver. This also means you cannot use it for mobile gaming.

But overall, we have to say that the Logitech G733 gaming headset is definitely one of the best in its price range. At P6,999, you’re getting so much bang for your buck, and lots of hours for seamless and comfortable gaming. If you don’t mind the extra dongle on your PC or laptop, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting this upgrade for your PC gaming.

Words Jovi Figueroa


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