LG’s OLED W8 Wallpaper TV is your new entertainment goal

Television has come a long way from being a huge box device that delivered motion pictures into the home. Today, television has become a work of art with all the latest remarkable technology and design that come with it—which is why the newly opened National Museum of Natural History in Manila was the perfect venue to announce the arrival of LG’s latest TV innovation in the Philippines last July.

The LG OLED W8 Wallpaper TV is unlike any other. It offers unmatched home entertainment experience in a sleek, paper-slim panel at only 2.57mm thick and 77-inch wide screen size.

Even thinner than your mobile phone. For real!

The wallpaper TV addresses all the major aspects of picture quality including clarity, brightness, and sharpness. Its deep black levels and bold contrast provide a consistent experience regardless of a room’s lighting or the spectator’s viewing angle.

Equipped with LG’s α9 (Alpha 9) processor, the OLED W8 allows users to see even the finest details without noise or distortion. The W8 also features A.I. functions through its new ThinQ platform that offers an impressive number of unique voice commands. The magic remote that comes with it serves as a microphone through which you can relay the commands.

Imagine searching for a specific video on YouTube and having to type every letter of your search keyword by pressing the directional buttons or point the cursor with much inaccuracy and end up pressing the backspace button more often than the actual letters. Hassle, right? That experience is practically a goner with the LG OLED W8 Wallpaper TV.


LG Philippines 30th Anniversary

The launch of the LG OLED W8 Wallpaper TV is part of LG Philippines’s 30th anniversary celebration, which also includes a generous donation to the National Museum of the Philippines.



To further its thrust to promote education, LG Philippines donated one 65-inch OLED E8 TV, one 55-inch OLED C8 TV, and one 55-inch UHD TV to the museum. In addition, LG has also commissioned underwater conservationist and photographer Noel Guevarra to produce a short video that showcases the richness and beauty of marine life in the Philippines, which is said to be the center of marine biodiversity on Earth.

The video was taken in Balicasag Island in Panglao, Bohol, which features colorful reefs, tropical fish of all sizes, and even turtle residents. “Balicasag is a beautiful, bountiful spot dive spot. Showcasing its vibrant marine life in glorious, colorful 4K allows a viewer to take in these sights in more detail and with better appreciation, where the only thing better left to do is to actually dive there,” says Guevarra.



“LG’s goal is to harness the power of beautiful images and modern, innovative technology to fuel and inspire the next generation,” says LG Philippines managing director Inkwun Heo. “The TVs we are donating to the National Museum can be used both as a educational vessel and design inspiration. We are very proud to be associated with this great public institution and center of science, education, and culture, and all of the work that they carry out for the benefit of the Filipino people and their innumerable friends throughout the world.”


Words Demai G. Sunio-Granali


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