LG to begin selling iPhones in its South Korean stores in August


LG will start selling iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches in its stores in South Korea starting August, an LG spokesperson confirmed on July 28.

The Seoul-based electronics giant will begin carrying Apple’s products, sans Mac computers, across 400 LG stores across the country. According to a report by ZDNet, LG excluded Apple’s PCs from the sales, as they overlap its own laptop offerings.

The joint venture was initially faced with resistance from the South Korean National Mobile Communication Distribution Association because it was considered a violation of a 2018 “win-win” competition agreement between the two of the country’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, LG and Samsung. Back then, the two companies agreed to only sell their respective products at their own stores in order to avoid competing with smaller phone distributors. 

However, the association representing the smaller distributors said it has signed a renewed contract with LG that now allows the company to sell phones from other brands.

The move follows the shutdown of LG’s smartphone business, which will be completed by the end of July. Apple, meanwhile, saw this as an opporutnity to increase its sales in Korea, where its presence is relatively small.

While the venture is expected to yield good return for the American brand, it is deemed a threat to Samsung, who, like Apple, has been aggressively promoting its smartphones in time for LG’s exit.


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