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Home appliances aren’t exactly known to be sexy or glamorous, but that’s been changing over the last several years. LG, for one, has been stepping up its game by coming up with products that are not only innovative, efficient, and reliable, but also give your home an instant style upgrade.

Earlier this month, Speed went to Seoul, Korea for a Home Appliance and Air Solution press tour hosted by LG. During the tour, the Korean giant showcased its latest products at their headquarters and Best Shop in Seoul, and a peek into their manufacturing process at their Changwon factory.

Our key takeaway from that trip? LG makes life good by creating home appliances that not only aim to answer the real needs and desires of consumers, but also conserve time, money, and the environment.

Slimmed-down ref puts more weight on food freshness
From boxy, boring behemoths, refrigerators have transformed into high-tech gadgets in the kitchen. While their main purpose hasn’t changed—store and keep food fresh—they have become highly functional, ergonomic, and environment-friendly thanks to advancements in technology.

LG’s latest line of Slim French-Door refrigerators are slightly narrower than the average fridge at just 835mm across. This, however, doesn’t mean that storage space has been compromised. LG’s space-saving insulation and a less bulky interior construction mean there’s more room for your food and drinks.

LG  equipped these slim refrigerators with Linear Cooling and DoorCooling+ technologies that help cool the fridge faster while lowering energy consumption.

Another cool feature is the InstaView Door-in-Door that allows you to see your favourite and frequently used items by knocking on the glass panel without opening the door. This helps reduce cold air loss, keep food fresher longer, and save on your electricity bill.

Cool and energy-efficient
When it’s unbearably hot, air conditioners save the day. Unfortunately, turning on the AC can be harmful to Mother Earth. Until manufacturers come up with a solution that’s 100 percent green, the next best thing is to use energy-efficient alternatives like the LG DualCool air conditioner.

The newest model utilizes LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor, which cuts energy consumption without sacrificing cooling capabilities. Said compressor technology lowers electricity consumption by up to 70 percent and enables the AC to cool up to 40 percent faster than a typical non-inverter residential air conditioner.

Also included in the new lineup is the Wi-Fi-enabled smart window-type air conditioner that’s likewise powered by the Dual Inverter Compressor.

Cleans fast and gently
Whether you do your own laundry or have them washed at a laundromat, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of realizing that your favorite shirt or delicate cardigan shrunk. But that may soon be a thing of the past with LG’s latest front-loader washing machines.

These washers are powered by LG’s new Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) with deep learning, which detects the weight and softness of the fabric you load into the drum. It does this by drawing on a vast amount of data collected by LG during development.

Meanwhile, the upgraded TurboWash 360 feature cleans and completes cycles in less time so you can save energy and have more time to do other things.

The new front-loader also comes with Steam+, which neutralizes 99.9 percent of allergens through a special sterilizing cycle and removes 30 percent of creases via Wrinkle Care.

For those who need it, the new front-loader can be turned into TWINWash by placing an LG MiniWash directly underneath the machine. You can use this to wash small loads, your lace and silk pieces, or your stinky gym clothes that you wouldn’t want to mix with your other clothing.

Words Katrina Rivere-Diga


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