Lark Your Way to Success teaches lessons on business growth, sustainability


Lark completed three successful tracks of its Lark Your Way to Success webinar series, imparting its know-how to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Each track covered three topics, featuring industry experts and key opinion leaders who shared their professional advice on how businesses can adapt, evolve, and innovate in order to thrive in the future. Here are the lessons in business growth learned at the webinars:

Businesses without a digitally enabled workforce may be extinct by 2021

The first webinar session taught attendees the value of adapting to change and how digital is a key solution for this. Lark’s VP of Sales (APAC) Joey Lim discussed the effects of the pandemic on businesses and how a new digitally driven work normal is the future of work.

Entrepreneur and host RJ Ledesma also talked about the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and finding opportunity in crisis. Meanwhile, business technology coach Joey Gurango shared insights on current workflow trends. According to Joey, a digital transformation is necessary to help businesses survive.

Connecting and collaborating is essential for business

The second track focused on how businesses must evolve to stay afloat in the new work landscape. Lark’s Head of Communications Cat Avelino kicked off the session with a look at best practices in adopting new ways of work through local, regional, and global case studies.

The next speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, and columnist Francis J. Kong, talked about dos and don’ts for managing teams and resources remotely. He explained how crisis can make us both better and bitter, and how it can push us to evolve faster.

Last to speak were content creator and COO of The Canton Club, Camille Co, together with Charlotte Co. They explained why it is necessary to listen to the needs of consumers and how true connection and collaboration yields positive results.

Business leaders must lead by example

The third track emphasized how innovation is indispensable for success in the future landscape of work. Regional Lark Product specialist Andeed Ma talked about how businesses can make technology work for them in moving towards the future of work. Ma also shared how Lark is an example of a great tool to use for this purpose.

Digital entrepreneur Carlo Ople spoke on the topic of managing and measuring employee engagement and collaboration while working remotely. According to him it’s best to focus on each remote employee’s key performance indicators (KPI) rather than on-screen time when assessing productivity.

The final talk was given by automotive journalist, events host, and CNN Philippines anchor James Deakin. He stressed the need for new normal leaders to lead by example, particularly when it comes to learning how to use digital tools and showing employees how easy they are to use for work.

At the end of the webinar, two business owners who joined the sessions were selected as mentees for Lark’s New Normal Business Council and Mentorship program. Both will receive a mentorship program from Lark, additional 100GB Lark cloud storage for one year, and P300,000 worth of PR and marketing support.

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